In April 2002, DCGR (then DGR) obtained charitable status and officially began their journey in finding homes for ex- racing greyhounds. In the years since, we have climbed Criffel, zip wired in Gatehouse of Fleet, walked Hadrians Wall, walked Ae Forest, attended a multitude of village and town fetes, collected in all the major towns in Dumfries and Galloway and Cumbria, appeared on Border TV and Reporting Scotland, held some wonderful Fun Greyhound Shows and the list goes on! More importantly, we have raised the profile of greyhounds as a breed, made many, many families happy and almost certainly allowed the adopted greyhounds to have a full and meaningful life in their “forever homes.”

Some of our longtime members/supporters will remember that DCGR took part in the Guid Nychburris Day (Good Neighbours Day) Parade in 2008, 2009 and 2010 which is a massive parade through Dumfries Town Centre. On these occasions, we had a “theme” and we won First Place in each year. We found a picture of one of our entries in the Guid Nychburris Day Parade 2010 when our theme was Greyhound Rescue – International Rescue (Thunderbirds). We had Lady Penelope, Parker, Brains and Virgil and some of the dogs wore bibs saying “I’ve Been Rescued” along with some greys wearing bibs saying “I Need a Home.” We played the theme tune from Thunderbirds as we walked the route.

Brought a smile to many faces and there is a plan this year to celebrate our 20th Anniversary by taking part once more. It will be held on Saturday 18th June in Dumfries from 5pm so please go over to the Events page for more details on how to register interest in joining us.

Is the story over? NO!

We are planning even more promotional and fundraising events over the summer months and may soon have some exciting news about our charity shop in Lockerbie. Keep watching this space and the Events page for all the details of whats coming up and Happy Anniversary DCGR!