As the DCGR has no paid staff, only volunteers, we welcome help from individuals who can give up a few hours to help at one of our events or in our charity shop in Lockerbie.  At this time we are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Shop volunteers: Help us run our very popular charity shop in Lockerbie. Volunteers normally work a 4 hour shift once or twice a week either morning or afternoon. The work involves sorting donated stock, filling displays and serving customers. The shop team are fantastic and all get on well together with a great can-do attitude. For more information and a chat contact the charity shop direct on: 01576 202694
  • Photographer: We are on the lookout for a volunteer photographer to take pictures of the dogs for our website. Visiting our dogs, your role will be to take a head and body photograph of each and possibly some video footage too. For more information and an informal chat please phone 07873 381470
  • “Meet a Greyhound” events: We are hoping to start awareness and fundraising events again soon and are very short of volunteers to help at “Meet the Greyhound” days and other events. These normally take place at a busy location so that the public get a chance to meet and talk about our dogs. For this role you need to be confident and able to speak to people about the dog you are with. For more information please telephone 07873 381470
  • Fostering: The majority of hounds coming into our care will only have known a life in kennels so a foster home is an important step on their road to becoming a happy and much loved pet. The role of Foster Carer is to look after a dog in your own home in exactly the same way you would with your own pet, providing for example exercise, shelter, food and socialisation. Everything you need for the dog will be provided and for more information please call 07873 381470

As we do not have our own kennels and our dogs are kept at staffed boarding kennels we do not require dog walkers, but there are always lots of opportunities to help us re-home our lovely Greyhounds.

We look forward to hearing from you

 Volunteers at a ″MAG″ (Meet a Greyhound) event at our Charity Shop

Volunteers at a ″MAG″ (Meet a Greyhound) event at our Charity Shop