Introducing Whisp, a bit of a gentle giant, Whisp is quite lively and loves to play, throw a soft toy for him and he is in his element. Born in September 2014 he has just turned 4 years old and retired from his racing career in January 2017.

Whisp has been with us for just about a year and really deserves a new forever home. He is fully neutered, injections, etc. and whilst he loves to play with our other Greyhounds he could do with a forever home where he can settle and be loved as much as he will love you.

We can’t find and bad habits although he prefers larger dogs to small ankle biters, he enjoys interacting with children, going trips in the car and generally being part of a family.

If you think Whisp could be the dog for you please give us a call and we can arrange a no-obligation introduction. To arrange this please call Colin on 01461 40066 or Mobile 07974 253424.